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Reduce Your Tax Burden

Save Money Each Year by Electing S-Corporation

We make the process of filing as an S Corporation both prompt and hassle-free. Work with Eco-fyle’s team of experts to have confidence in your company’s transition.

S-Corporation formation

Choose S-Corporation and Benefit from Pass-Through Taxation

Protect Your Assets & Reduce Taxes

Congratulations on your growing business. Now let’s make sure both it and you are making the most of your success. By registering your business as an S-Corporation, you can offer yourself many of the benefits that come with becoming a corporation while still retaining a high level of ownership flexibility. Some business owners assume the process of starting an S-Corporation will be too costly or time-consuming for them to handle on top of the day-to-day operations, but this is not the case. There are several beneficial differentiators of an S-Corporation that make this structure useful for small to midsize business owners. The most important are the tax advantages, which we will discuss in more detail below, in our benefits section. 

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Benefits of Forming an S-corporation

Asset Protection

S-Corporations also provide owners with limited liability protection, that shields your personal assets from litigation, business creditor claims, and contracts.

Heightened Credibility

Being an S-Corporation may help your business establish more credibility with partners, vendors, employees, and even customers. Attract potential investors by selling shares of stock. You can raise funds without taking on debt. 

Avoid Double Taxation

When you become an S-Corporation, you are taxed differently than traditional corporations. Your business income, deductions, credits, and losses are all “passed through” to the owners, rather than being taxed at the corporate level. This change results in lower taxes for you by helping avoid the “double taxation” that occurs with C-Corporations.

Income Splitting

Another huge benefit of owning an S Corporation is the ability to opt to receive both a salary and dividend payments from the corporation. Dividends are not subject to the self-employment tax, resulting in a lower tax bill. However, you must divide your salary and dividends in a way that the IRS determines as reasonable. 

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Our Starter Package jumpstarts your business with essential features, including business name checks, meticulous document preparation, and seamless filing. Ideal for a focused and efficient start.


The Essentials Package equips you comprehensively, providing expert guidance from the beginning, along with a registered agent service and EIN acquisition.


Our Premium Package takes your journey to new heights, encompassing previous benefits and adding an essential operating agreement and corporate kit.

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Let us handle the heavy lifting. Eco-fyle will complete and submit all the paperwork, including your Articles of Incorporation, sample bylaws,
and other documents, to ensure your S-corporation filing process goes smoothly.

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