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For over 80% of small businesses, it’s the best choice of business structure available.

LLCs have quickly become a popular business structure for new and small businesses due to their flexibility and simplicity when compared to traditional corporations. Forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) can help protect both your personal assets and your company from lawsuits, bankruptcy, and more. LLCs allow business owners like you to keep personal assets separate from your company’s, limiting your liability when it comes to company debts and giving you peace of mind. Learn more about the benefits of an LLC and if such a business structure is right for you.

What is an LLC? A Limited Liability Company is exactly what it sounds like – a company structure that limits the amount of liability you personally face due to your business’ debts or other circumstances. By combining pass-through taxation of a partnership or sole proprietorship with the limited liability of a corporation, an LLC becomes its own legal entity, with separate debts and legal matters, while still being tied to your personal taxes to give you the benefits of both worlds. 


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Benefits of Forming an LLC

Limited Liability Protection

Forming an LLC gives you a high degree of protection. Each owner’s personal assets are protected from business creditors because an LLC is a separate legal person from its owners. Only the LLC is liable for debts and liabilities acquired by the business. This serves to protect personal assets. 

No Ownership Constraints  

There are no limitations on the kind or number of owners for LLCs. S-Corporations, in contrast, are limited to 100 investors, all of whom must be residents or citizens of the United States. Any of these limitations do not apply to an LLC. Other corporations, foreign nationals, and other groups may both be owners/members.

Enhance Your Business’ Credibility

Adding “LLC.” to the end of your company name communicates permanence, legitimacy, and stability to potential suppliers, customers, and lenders. By quickly showing people that your business is operating within the standards of the law and is registered by the state, you are much more likely to attract reputable business of your own.

Adaptable Tax Status   

One of the most important factors contributing to LLCs’ recent rise in popularity is the benefit of pass-through taxation. LLCs can be federally taxed as a pass-through entity such as a sole-proprietor, partnership, or an S-corporation. Pass-through taxes only impose one tax on profits made by an LLC.

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Now that your small business is growing, it’s important to protect both your company and your own assets. Forming an LLC can help do that.
Is it the best business entity choice for you? We’ve written a complete guide to form an LLC to help with your decision.

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