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Limit Risk and Establish Credibility

Start C-Corp in Minutes

Let us help you with the hard work. Eco-fyle can complete and submit all the paperwork, including Articles of Incorporation, sample bylaws, and other documents, to ensure your C corporation filing process goes smoothly.

C-Corporation Formation

Form Your C-Corp with an Eco-fyle Expert

A structure that offers unlimited growth potential

Do you plan on having a larger business, one which publicly trades shares and is attractive to potential investors? You should consider a C-Corporation conversion. Forming a corporation with this structure not only limits your legal and financial responsibility but also gives your business increased credibility. With Eco-fyle, you can leverage this structure for your maximum benefit with ease.

C-corporations are just one of several ways to structure ownership of your business for tax, regulatory, or official reasons. Formed and regulated at the state level, they are the typical structure of general for-profit corporations. Unlike Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), S corporations, or sole proprietorships, a C corporation is typically more suited for large businesses. One reason for the popularity in this sector is the abilities C-corporations have in terms of deducting benefits such as employee health insurance and dental plans. C-corporations also protect owners from liability by separating owners from businesses and giving you the option to issue stocks.

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*Filing & Service Fees Included

Benefits of Forming a Corporation

Limit Your Liability

As a separate legal entity from your business, you will not be fully responsible for any debts accumulated by your business. Becoming a C-Corporation means your business exists independently of its owners.

Raise Funding Through Stock Sales

Have greater access to capital by issuing shares of stock. You will be able to attract more investors, increasing your potential for higher revenue and profits

Transfer Ownership Easily

Corporations operate under what is known as “Perpetual Existence”, meaning the business can exist long after proprietors or owners are a part of the business. Accordingly, ownership can be transferred quickly and easily.

Enhanced Business Credibility

Adding a corporate marker at the end of your business name is one way of immediately boosting your credibility in the eyes of potential investors, business partners, or customers.

Compare Packages


Our Starter Package jumpstarts your business with essential features, including business name checks, meticulous document preparation, and seamless filing. Ideal for a focused and efficient start.


The Essentials Package equips you comprehensively, providing expert guidance from the beginning, along with a registered agent service and EIN acquisition.


Our Premium Package takes your journey to new heights, encompassing previous benefits and adding an essential corporate bylaws and corporate kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us handle the heavy lifting. Eco-fyle will complete and submit all the paperwork, including your Articles of Incorporation,
sample bylaws, and other documents, to ensure your C-corporation filing process goes smoothly.

Need additional assistance?

The team at Eco-fyle is eager to meet you and help you pursue your goals of
incorporation. Request a consultation with one of our specialists!

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